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Dopamine Dressing Fashion

Dopamine Dressing is feel good fashion. Dopamine Dressing is wearing the clothes that make you feel good. That could be anything from joggers and a jumper, to your favourite pair of jeans, or it could be that dress you were saving for a special occasion. For some, bright colours is what boosts their mood. Colour is a great way to lift our spirits and boost our moods in an instant. Our confidence can be boosted when we wear colours that we love and feel good in. We instinctively feel and behave differently around colours because of how we take the colour in through our eyes and through to the part of our brain where our emotions reside. Ultimately, dopamine dressing is whatever makes you feel good. The most important thing is to have fun with it. Brands like New Girl Order, Basic Pleasure Mode and The Ragged Priest have dopamine at the very core of their brand ethos.