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Slogan Tees are back for 2024!

Slogan Tees are back for 2024!

The Noughties slogan tees were alway destined to find a home in our closets sooner or later.

Slogan tees are staging a summer revival. Shocked?

The trend cycle lately is all about ’00s-era mallcore, with a corporate-sleaze aesthetic that's like a throwback to the desk-to-drinks style made famous by Express and The Limited, plus the comeback of low-rise jeans and denim skirts!

It was only a matter of time until the statement graphic tee,  returned as well.

Like, duh, celebs totally started this “new” trend. It's like, bye-bye Notes app apology and Instagram photo dump. They just have to do this to speak without speaking, you know?

Nepo Baby Tee - Hailey Bieber Baldwin

Hailey Bieber jumping into the whole nepo-baby chat with her cool baby tee, Sydney Sweeney’s note to her boob fans, and Sabrina Carpenter’s sassy nod to shooting her “Feather” video in a Catholic Church.

Sydney Sweeney Sorry for Having Great tits sweater


Sabrina Carpenter Jesus Tee
Rocking a witty slogan T-shirt is a quirky way to flaunt your humor and taste for pop-culture. Olivia Rodrigo hilariously tackled the 'Which Sex and the City character are you?' dilemma, while Zendaya sported merch from her tennis flick, Challengers.
Some of our hot picks from brands such as The Ragged PriestDaisy Street, Wildfox and Frankies Bikinis 
Shop Frankies Bikinis Archie Cotton Tee Online

Frankies Bikinis Archie Cotton Tee as seen on Madelaine Petsch & Amelia Gray


Frankies Bikinis Archie Cotton Tee as seen on Madelaine Petsch

Frankies in your dreams Archie tee - already seen on Madelaine Petsch 

The Ragged Priest Vex Knit Top


Let everyone know exactly how your feeling with this The Ragged Priest cheeky tee!

Shop Newtone Lilac starlight T-shirt "CLASS" Online - UK Stockist

Newtone Lilac starlight T-shirt "CLASS"

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