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Polly Pocket Arm Candy - YES!!!!

Attention children of the '90s: You can now buy an actual Polly Pocket handbag

Polly Pocket Handbag

If you grew up in the '90s you will know that your dreams were small, not big (apart from that Spice Girls 6th member dream). You didn't have ambitions to live in a mansion, you wanted to live in a tiny house, a house that was so small it actually fitted in your pocket.

But curse you Polly and your miniature furniture for getting there first.

Polly Pockets were at the top of every girl's Christmas Argos list and that little gal really did go everywhere with us...until of course , we lost her and most of the contents of her house down the back of the sofa.

But just because we're all grown up now, doesn't mean we have to leave our love of Polly Pocket behind...oh no.

Because we have just launched the most coveted Polly Pocket shell bag and it might just be the cuter than our beloved toys.

Polly Pocket Bag

Just think how much better your life would be with this adorable bag in it :)

Polly Pocket Bag

And even though it doesn't contain a host of tiny, choking hazard, plastic toys, we think we would love it all the same.

Click here to relive your childhood dreams & buy your very own Polly Pocket Bag

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