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Life Lessons from The Simple Life

25 Lessons "The Simple Life" Taught Us About The Real World

Massive shout out to Paris and Nicole for shaping us into the people we were always meant to be.

1. They taught us how to tell it like it is.
Paris Hilton telling it like it is

2. They taught us to take one for the team.

Nicole Richie The Simple Life
3. They taught us how to appeal to our audience.
Nicole Richie

4. They taught us how to YOLO before YOLO was a thing.

5. They taught us technique.

Nicole Richie Ballet
6. They taught us to dance like no one is watching.
Paris and Nicole - Dancing

7. They taught us how to not beat around the bush.
Nicole Richie Direct

8. They taught us how to be resourceful.
Nicole Richie

9. They taught us how to properly use our authority.
nicole richie

10. They gave us prime dating advice.
Nicole Paris

11. They taught us how to lend a helping hand.
Simple Life

12. They taught us how to ask the tough questions.

The Simple Life

13. They taught us to only accept the best.
Nicole Richie

14. They taught us about honesty.
The Simple Life

15. They taught us how to help others in need.
The Simple Life

16. They taught us about silver linings.

The Simple Life
17. They taught us about chores.

Nicole Richie
18. They taught us the key to saving a life.

19. They gave us the keys to success.

The simple life

20. They taught us that you work best when you feel the best.
The Simple Life

21. They taught us the importance of friendship.
The Simple Life

22. They taught us how to be professionals.

The Simple Life

23. They taught us that style is key.

The Simple Life

24. They taught us how to ask for help.
The Simple Life

25. But most importantly, they taught us you can always kick butt with your best friend by your side.
The Simple Life
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