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Kitsch Silky Pillow Cases are HOT HOT HOT!

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase Set: Sleep like royalty on this silky-soft satin pillowcase for an extra dreamy night.

Have you ever woken up with unsightly creases etched into your skin — the kind that seems like permanent wrinkles? Have you ever winced at the messy state of your hair bright and early?

Better hurry and snag yourself a set of Kitsch satin pillowcases pronto!

It feels amazing and does wonders for your skin and hair! Wake up feeling refreshed, with shiny, frizz-free hair and silky smooth, line-free skin.

The average pillowcase is crafted with cotton, a super absorbent fabric that loves to cling onto dirt, sweat, and all sorts of random stuff that could cause pesky breakouts and clogged pores.

Cotton is a clingy material that holds onto your skin while you snooze. So, when you roll onto your side, it pulls and tugs on your skin — and if you're tossing and turning from discomfort, it can even nudge those pesky creases into formation.

shop kitsch silk pillowcases


That’s not even considering the impact it can have on your hair. Cotton sucks up moisture, transforming hair into a parched and unruly disaster.

Kitsch satin pillowcases are totally different all around. They're super silky and smooth, effortlessly gliding on hair and skin instead of tugging.

That’s the formula for waking up with silky-smooth strands and wrinkle-free skin in the morning — and let's not forget the added bonus of extra softness, since the fabric won't steal moisture from your skin or hair.

'Best money ever spent!' Hundreds of shoppers awarded
The softness of this pillowcase is beyond comparison. It truly lives up to its claim of being softer than silk. The moment my head touches the pillow, I'm enveloped in a cocoon of pure comfort. It feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud, and I find myself drifting off into dreamland much faster than before,’ raves one shopper.

Kitsch Pillowcases

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