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Introducing NEWTONE Clothing

Welcome to the world of Newtone©, where every fit, every design and every badge tells its own story

Newtone, established in 2017, in France, embodies the essence of American thrift shops, road movie cinema, and 70's rock music. Brothers Yohann and Julien proudly showcase their vintage-style tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and dresses for women.

This garment is made using a unique hand-dyeing technique and a specific treatment. Each product NEWTONE is a single item and collector which will develop a patina over time, giving it its distinctive, inimitable character. 

Shop Newtone Bloomer Bleed Hoodie Online - UK Stockist

Newtone Bloomer Bleed Hoodie


Shop Newtone AGAIN Pepper Trucker T-Shirt Online - UK Stockist

Newtone AGAIN Pepper Trucker T-Shirt



Newtone TIGERS Starlight Grass T-Shirt


Shop Newtone Lilac starlight T-shirt "CLASS" Online - UK Stockist

Newtone Lilac starlight T-shirt "CLASS"



In the NEWTONES workshop, they let their creativity run wild to craft the graphics that jazz up each of our pieces. They meticulously pick materials to ensure top-notch quality. NEWTONE uses unique dyeing and treatment methods to give our clothes that vintage flair.

Every design is mega printed on the fabric with major attention to detail, 'cause Newtone think print quality is key for a flawless result. And hey, they are all about those funky badges too! Hand-added with love, they bring a splash of pizzazz and character to each item.

At Newtone©, they love overseeing every part of their creative journey, from the initial design to the finishing touches. It's this deep dive that infuses NEWTONE clothes with a cool city vibe that's all about being laid-back yet totally groovy.

"What sets Newtone© apart is our total commitment to every stage of the creative process."

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